A new biobased compound by Rodenburg Biopolymers

Rodenburg Biopolymers is one of the pioneers in bioplastics. Its first products were biodegradable plastics, introduced around 2000. Since then numerous compounds for specific applications have been developed in cooperation with customers.

New biobased thermoplastic compounds

Today, Rodenburg Biopolymers has expanded its portfolio with new biobased thermoplastic compounds with a reduced carbon footprint. These thermoplastic polyolefin compounds are drop-in plastics, produced from feedstocks from renewable resources, filled with natural fibers.

Fiber content

The most attractive compounds are with hemp and bamboo fibers. Other fibers are available for testing and development. These fibers are sourced from side streams of other production processes. The fiber content can be customized ranging from 10 to 30 weight %. The biopolymers in the compounds are from a reliable source and certified by ISCC according to the ‘Chain of Custody’ method.


A wide range of grades can be produced for extrusion, rotational molding and injection molding.

For more information about these compounds, please contact: Louis Jetten, louis.jetten@biopolymers.nl or info@biopolymers.nl