Case example of biodegradable flower pots

An abstract of this project, by Leon Joore:

Last decades lots of bio-based flower pots have been launched that were not economically successful. Now bio-composite flower pots for tree nurseries and raising flower have been developed that are cold soil biodegradable (within few months, plant adjustable) when placed in the ground that are integral price competitive within the total costs of ownership.

The bio-composite exists of local agro rest fibres (i.e. peppers stems, grass) to strengthen the Solanyl/starch based bioplastics recipe. The pots have been designed on added value , and not on drop-ins, in the supply chain of the BBCT-consortium (Bio-Based Composites Technologies), and they have been tested over the last 2 years at the HAS Institute – Den Bosch, The Netherlands – and tree nurseries and growing flowers company in practice.

Benefits of this new developed 100% bio-based flower pot, made by injection moulding, are better plant growth, significantly less fertilizer and soil improver needed (new pot acts as fertilizer/soil improver near the roots), and no more plastic waste (oil based containers) in the environment. The extra add on is less manpower handling costs and more hourly production during planting these new developed pots in the park.

First orders were produced and delivered, and results were perfect! Our bio-based business philosophy: This development was performed using an open innovation model. In parallel, the bad recipes, first examples that were performing bad on biodegradable, were used later on for civil engineering (infra) applications like materials for the bio-based guardrail and the shore revetment. Meanwhile, these infra developments were demonstrated in 2015 as a 1.0 version in practice. By developing different applications at the same time, the combined production costs have been reduced significantly, and a better competitive start position have been reached much faster. Our business development concept is always based on a co-creation with mainly knowledge based SME production partners with comparable innovation DNA, instead of a standard purchase order, together with in-depth cooperation with the client towards a joint showcase! This is our approach to close the gap between projects power point presentations and sustainable business in practice.

Developed under the BBCT SME consortium:

Millvision B.V. The Netherlands | Leon Joore M.Sc. | |

Rodenburg Biopolymers|

Bato Plastics B.V.|

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